About Us

Atlantis Management Group engages in acquisitions,
development and operation of gasoline service stations and has successfully co-branded our sites with Dunkin Donuts. We are a Broker/Jobber for BP Oil, one of the largest oil companies in the world. BP's strong presence in New York and New Jersey has given Atlantis the opportunity to both Brand service stations and Supply product to dealers. Our corporate offices are based in Mount Vernon, NY. We own and operate service stations, convenience stores and Dunkin Donuts in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Long Island and New Jersey.

Atlantis is in the business of creating value for our customers through the quality products and services we provide.

We strongly believe how we conduct our business is as
integral to our bottom line as the products we sell.
As a result we strive to always act responsibly with those
business partners who work with us and in every
community we conduct business.